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Terms and Conditions

Progressive Lens Warranty
  • This warranty is applicable to all progressive where the patient is unable to adapt.
  • The warranty period is for 3 months from the original invoice date.
  • All claims must be accompanied by a copy of the original order form and invoice.
  • The original lenses will be replaced and a credit note will be issued for the lower priced invoiced lenses.
  • This warranty covers multicoat, mirror coats, & tinting. Changes in material are not covered by this warranty.
  • The warranty is valid for one claim on the original set of lenses.
  • 2 year warranty on multicoat lenses, this does not include misuse of spectacles & is determined by our lab.
  • All claims must be accompanied by a copy of the original order form & invoice.
Tinting Policy
  • Tinting of customer’s own lenses are done at customer’s own risk.
  • Matching tints to existing tinted lenses is not guaranteed & tints will be matched as close as possible.
Cancelled Jobs Policy
  • Jobs cancelled prior to grinding will not be invoiced. Once orders are processed by the laboratory cancellation / credit will not apply.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
Faulty Frames Policy
  • Faulty frames detected by the laboratory will need to be replaced under warranty by the frame manufacturer. The faults include dry solder, screws that are unable to be removed, damaged coating prior to laboratory handling etc.
  • A frame damaged by IOAC Optical will be credited on supply of a copy of the frame invoice.
  • Client’s own frames are processed at the client’s own risk.
Rimless Fitting
  • IOAC Optical recommends 1.60 MR-8, Trilogy 1.53 & 1.67 MR-10 for rimless & nylon fit frames.
Trading Terms
  • All accounts will be settled within 30 days from the date of invoice. This is in accordance with the “General Terms & Conditions of Business”.
  • Failure to meet these terms will result in suspension of supply & the possible initiation of debt collection procedures.
  • A freight charge will apply to all standard deliveries.
  • Goods being delivered or damaged during delivery to IOAC Optical are the sender’s responsibility.
  • Goods being dispatched from IOAC Optical are the responsibility of IOAC Optical.
Staff Discounts
  • IOAC Optical offers practice owners one pair of complementary lenses per year including fitting & practice staff will receive a 40% discount on one pair of lenses per year including fitting.