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Anti-Fog Wipes

Introducing the newest anti-fog wipes in Australia

IOAC Optical has recently come out with a new, life-changing product, the Anti-Fog Microfibre Cloth.

Eyeglass fogging is a major concern in the workplace, being a occupational health and safety issue as it obstructs the vision making it dangerous for workers. Until now there hasn't been a solution that is consistent and suitable for the long term solution.

IOAC technicians have focused on creating a solution and to deliver the best anti-fog cloth to their wearers. Extensive research and development has been undertaken and the product has been rigorously performance tested proving that the formula IOAC uses is the best on the market.

The science behind the formula of the cloth is one that “sticks”. It consists of hydrophilic liquid that absorbs and spreads the water over the coated surface. Once absorbed this keeps the water droplets from being big enough to be seen as fog. Our technicians have perfected the balance of chemicals to get all of these elements working together for a stable solution.

IOAC values the importance of being eco-friendly, hence making this product reusable up to 300 times, each wipe lasting 30 days for use on all optical lenses, windshields, digital screens, and other glassware.