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About us

IOAC Optical is 100% Australian owned and operated. We are proud to be an independent, privately owned company committed to employing highly trained optical professionals and keeping optical jobs in Australia. IOAC Optical is committed to meeting our clients demand, at a lower price and with faster turnaround times than our competitors.

We are proud of our history, starting as a small, two man operation, supplying only nine optometrists and specialising in prescription safety eyewear. Over the years we have continued to grow our PSE division and also expand our optical laboratory into everyday lenses. Today IOAC Optical supplies over 450 optometrist in Australia, 47 optometrists in New Zealand and plan to expand into America by 2017.

5 Sustainability Commitments

At IOAC Optical we are committed to reducing our waste , reducing our demand on unrenewable resources and also maintaining the health of our employees. This is why we have made the following improvements to our operations:

  • Recycling - we have formed strong relationships with recycling companies who recycle all paper waste and the plastic waste produced from grinding lenses
  • Transport - by manufacturing in Australia there are less CO2 emissions then if we had to ship our products from overseas.
  • Water - by investing in waterless cut machines we have minimised the role water plays in our production
  • Solar - our office and optical laboratory are powered by our solar panels which minimises our carbon footprint
  • Health - we care about our employees health and one example is our innovation in using wax to block our lenses as opposed to alloy blocks which have been found to be carcinogenic